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Experience of Windows 2003 Active Directory Implementation:

Experience of Windows 2003 Active Directory Implementation:

1. Server
a. while dc promo excecute, any different between blank DNS and fill up DNS
if you fill up DNS, its mean you will create new DNS record
but if you make blank DNS, Server will find out any DNS in your Network

2. Client
a. if some time server must be re-install windows, because any problem (include reconfigure Active directory)
and you make same configuration (eg. IP, Server/DNS name and user name), you must disjoin all client and join to AD again.
if you not doing disjoin and rejoin again, re login from client is OK but you can not access file/printer sharing in your networK
b. Client will be join to AD Server must be set IP Server in DNS Setting
c. RECOMENDATION: use different configuration in your new AD (new domain name). do not use same domain name
if use same domain name (this my experience):
1. can not ping by hostname (just can ping by IP), DNS problem
2. any problem with internet sharing (client can not browse internet, but server can)
3. any problem with file and printer sharing
4. please learn more ntdsutil command to clean old AD configuration/remove metadata

3. Tools
a. gpupdate/force (server/client)
b. gpedit.msc (client)
c. dcdiag (server)
d. ntdsutil (for remove metafile at server..please learn more ntdsutil command)

4. Tips
a. if any client can not browse in network, please try to install old protocol IPX/SPX
b. if any client can not join into server, please check Firewall in your server


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